Current Efforts

What is AWP working on now?


Landowner Partner Projects

We are seeking interested landowners on the Animas River and its tributaries in Colorado and New Mexico who are interested in implementing projects that can reduce the amounts of sediment, fertilizer, manure, and irrigation return flows reaching the river. Example projects include riverbank stabilization to reduce erosion, riverside vegetation buffer strips, creating wetlands to help treat runoff, transitions to gated pipe or sprinklers from flood irrigation…We currently have funding to implement such projects and will continue to raise additional funds to help support these efforts.

Taking Samples

Microbial Source Tracking

In partnership with the San Juan Watershed Group we are working to implement an innovative sampling effort to identify the general biological sources (e.g. canine, human, bovine, waterfowl, etc) of E.coli bacteria in the Animas and San Juan Rivers.

Pipe Discharge

Lightner Creek Initiative

The Lightner Creek Working Group and the AWP, through the work of Basin Hydrology Inc, and the Mountain Studies Institute, have identified Perrins Canyon and the Tech Center Drainage as the main sources of sediments contributed to the Animas River out of Lightner Creek. Now we are beginning two further assessments:

  • Identification of top sediment source areas within Perrins Canyon
  • An improved sediment and flow Rating Curve for Lightner Creek


3 Year Action Planning

Informed by the data and analysis in the Animas Watershed Plan, we are developing, through conversations with willing landowners and other partners, a plan for on-the-ground projects the group will work to find resources to accomplish over the next 3 years.

Animas River showing runoff


We are actively working to get more people interested and involved in water quality on the Animas River. We host quarterly full partnership meetings aimed at increasing awareness of water quality status on the Animas, understanding of the tools available for addressing water quality issues, and action through our own and partners’ on the ground projects.


Project Development

We are always open to and seeking new opportunities for action and partnership. If you have an idea for a project please contact us and lets discuss the possibilities!